Dockers win again!

Photo of the scoreboard

Congratulations to Baltimore Dockers! With our 72-46 home victory against Nashville, we continue our undefeated record for the 2019 season.

Our next game is the USAFL Eastern Regional Championships in Raleigh, North Carolina on June 15th.


Nashville Kangaroos1916467446
Baltimore Dockers1822317291872

Roster for home opener

The Baltimore Dockers 2019 home opener is TOMORROW, June 1st! The game is at 1:00 PM at Frank C. Bocek Park in Baltimore.

The game will be against our Eastern League rivals, the Nashville Kangaroos. The image and text below show the Dockers starting lineup. Asterisks (*) in the list indicate players making their Dockers debut.

Roster sheet for Dockers home opener vs. Nashville

Full back: Nick Sisca
Left back pocket: Mike Gilbart
Right back pocket: Aaron Wolff
Left half-back: Mike Horney
Centre back: Patrick Pryor
Right half-back: Josh Richardson
Left wing: Jack Chalmers
Centre: Nick Tyson
Right wing: Johnny O’Connor
Left half-forward: Brian Thornton
Centre half-forward: Ian Payne
Right half-forward: Kenny Massengale*
Left forward pocket: Matthew Byrne
Right forward pocket: Zachary Gooch*
Full forward: Cameron Stewart
Ruck: Reece Garner
Rover: Jesse Galdston
Ruck-rover: Bryn Hansen
Jake Moyer
Clement Cros
Ryan Brubaker*
Zeluis Teixera
Tim Werner
Tim Schwarm