The Baltimore Dockers are an Australian Rules Football club in the United States Australian Football League (USAFL). The Dockers’ first season was the 2018 USAFL season, which culminated in winning the USAFL Division 4 National Title. During the 2019 Nationals, the Dockers were the first team in USAFL history to jump 2 divisions and make the Division 2 Grand Final, unfortunately falling just short of another title.

The Dockers represent the greater Baltimore area, playing from early spring through October. During the season we participate in divisional games against teams from Washington DC, Boston, New York, North Carolina, and Philadelphia, concluding with the USAFL National tournament. The women’s team partners with the DC Eagles for USAFL competition.  We also have a strong social side, hosting clinics, an Australia Day Party, our annual pub golf bar crawl and a live viewing of the AFL Grand Final in October. 

If you are interested in joining the Baltimore Dockers or learning more about the club or the sport, let us know!  We are actively recruiting male and female players.

2020 Dockers Board

President – Ian Payne
VP – Jack Chalmers
Treasurer – Nick Tyson
Secretary – Mike Horney
Football Operations – Nick Sisca

Coach – Tom Waters

Creative Director – Johnny O’Connor
Merchandise Coordinator – Jack Chalmers
Events Coordinator – Cameron Stewart
Women’s Coordinator – Roxy Alei
Website Coordinator – Jordan Raddick
Membership Coordinator – Aaron Wolff

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